About the Shoeless Girl

Growing up I wandered through the timber and farmland in the midwest barefooted more often than shod (I’m bringing ‘shod’ back.  It’s a good word).  These days, due to the “It’s a bitch getting old,” factor and my need for arch support, you’ll most likely see me wearing Birkenstocks.

I’m a girl trying to see past the ordinary.  I want to see grace in the mundane and humor in the plain and dig deeper than the surface of the things that I think about.  I want to take off my shoes and stub my toes on Holy Ground.  Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved going barefoot.

I have three beautiful children.  I’m married to a man in the Navy.  My family and I collect hard to spell maladies.  My kids homeschool.

I’ve written here to make sense of the loss of my mother, postpartum depression, the ups and downs of Navy life, and more.  These days I’m just looking for a place to tell my truth.

Kick your shoes off and join me!


4 thoughts on “About the Shoeless Girl

  1. Ok so I got an inroduction from Jana @GraceformyMess. I’ve battled PPD, my dad was in the Navy, I have three girls, and although my husband is not in the military, he is gone for most of the year with his job. We see him a few weeks at the most out of the entire year. I feel as though the Lord has given me a kindred spirit in you. So happy to have found you, and look forward to getting to know you better with each passing day as we share life’s ups and downs. it’s nice to ind someone who knows how if feels to be what I call, a “married-single mom”

    • Hi Tracey!!!! I’m so glad you stopped in! We DO have a lot in common! I’m sure I’ll be poking around your blog too! I love finding new blog-friends and it definitely sounds like you would be a kindred spirit. 🙂

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