I Might Have Some Things To Say

I wander back here from time to time.  I’ve noticed lately that I have been composing blog posts in my head a lot, and so I’m taking that as a sign that it’s time to get back to writing.

What would I write about?

Well, for starters, I was diagnosed with another hard to pronounce rare disease.  Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  I practiced pronouncing that for about 3 weeks before I got it.  It’s shifted things a good bit in our house if only because we are eating vastly differently.   I’m on an elimination diet and staying away from a big swath of major allergens.  I don’t have it in me to be a food blogger.  I’ve always known this, but thinking about connection to food…  the soul connections of food…  loving with food.  All of that has compelled me to give voice to some thoughts.

I’m also churning over life in the U.S. in this particular bit of history we’re all living in.  I’ve never fit well into categories or boxes.  I still don’t.  So much is happening.  We are so polarized.  I can’t help but think we have settled so far into our polarized answers that we’ve stopped asking good questions.  I continue to want to look for good questions.

Husband is still in the Navy.  There is still a lot to say about that.  Maybe more than there ever was really  This place in his career is mind-bending.

I’m still in the process of mothering three amazing girls.  I want to protect their privacy here–more so as they get older, but I continue to be stymied at…  well how stymied I am by this role.  I assumed I’d grow into it.  And, in many ways, I guess that’s true…  but you don’t get more answers as they get older… only more questions.

Finally…  There are some rumblings in my mind and heart that may need voice one of these days.  I feel new things emerging…  and maybe old things that again need a voice.

I’m not promising to write every day.  It may be months before I come back to this, I don’t know.  But I’ve thought nearly every day about writing here, and I felt like I needed to write a post to pave the way for that.

We’ll see what happens.