The Sun is Red

So when I look out in my kitchen the sunlight hitting the floor is an unnatural red. When I look out in my backyard I can see the sun itself looks blood red and the sky is an unnatural dusk in the middle of the day kind of color. It’s a color not far from the “tornadoes are coming” color I remember growing up in the midwest.

I’ve heard that ashes are falling out of the sky in Seattle while people go to work, or to the dentist, or to the store.

How does this impact my day? Not hugely. I opted to exercise inside today instead of walk. I will teach my kids, get Abbie to her appointment, get groceries the same as I always do.

It’s like I am pretending that the abnormal is normal.

I saw in a startling map a photo of all the wildfires raging right now. I read about how the Columbia River Gorge has become an inferno. My dear friend has been praying for her parents in Montana for the last month. Down South the folks in Texas are recovering from Harvey and the folks in Florida and Georgia and the East Coast are preparing for Irma. Homes are ravaged. The heartache and devastation is massive.

Still,somehow, large swaths of unaffected people in our country go on relatively as normal, just like I do. Maybe they write a check for aid. Maybe they pray for those in the direct paths of destruction. There are people who are losing everything to “the way things are” right now. I can be blase about it, for now at least. They can’t.

This feels like where we are in America right now. We are looking outside and seeing that our sky is completely opaque and our sun is now blood red and the light it shines isn’t yellow but red and dark and different. And we are continuing on with business as usual pretending it’s all normal.

While the man in the White House condones White Supremacy–supports it even.

While he tries to take away health care from millions of people.

While Immigrants who have lived hear peacefully for years are being forcibly deported ripping holes into families and communities.

And now as individuals who came here as children and are part of the very fabric of America are being told that they will be sent back to a place that was never home to them in recent memory.

We are telling people who are transgender that they are too complicated to serve in our military. Supposedly because of a pittance amount of medical costs. Their service is being considered worthless. Their heroism glossed over. This is not about readiness. This is about discrimination.

We are watching things fly into instability near North Korea and a non plan, plan be put into motion in Afghanistan. Military Members and Civilians alike will be impacted by those things.

There are plenty of people for whom “business as usual” has become life-altering. But for most of us are sky is just a little opaque. It’s abnormal in ways that to my memory are unprecedented, but we keep going on about our days just as though the sky was blue just as it has been all along…   It doesn’t stir us to action outside of posting on Facebook and scratching our head at the oddity.

And this, I think, is why we are where we are.