The Power of Moms

Moms are amazing.

Over the last few months I have had occasion more than once to worry about things going on with my kids.  My worry radar got so loud a few times that it was deafening and I started casting it out hoping to get any signal back in return.
I checked in with experts, and some of them have been very helpful.  They gave me information and systems to try and some of them even worked.
But it’s been the Moms in my life who have come through.  Who heard the blipping of my signal and listened to me pour out my worries and fears and insecurities and instead of glancing over them, helped me to know I wasn’t alone in them.  Then they told me what worked for THEM.  They told me their story.  They told me about the times that they felt hopeless, and then the progress that they made from that point.  They told me about times that things went well and times that they really didn’t.
It’s been the Moms in my life who have said, “You know, I don’t have the answer to that, but let me connect you to someone who does,” and invariably the person that they connected me to was ANOTHER MOM.
Moms research tirelessly, they get fierce when something is hurting their babies and they strike back not with claws and teeth (well, sometimes with claws and teeth too), but with information sought out and hard-won.  They fight with trial and error.  They fight with their guts and intuition.

And then they are willing to invite other Moms paddling in the same boat into their own experience.

The thing is, there is nothing that will move you to action more than seeing your kid struggle and not knowing what to do about it.  And there is no one who can understand how that breaks your heart for your child and brings up core questions about who you are as a parent, like another Mom.

So thank you Moms in my life.  Some of you are people who I barely know, or know only because we were both stumbling around for help for our kids and ourselves and ran into one another.  Some of you are friends who have walked with me a long time and who have helped me know time and time again that I am not alone in this journey of raising kids–I hope I’ve been able to tell you the same a time or two.

Thank you for loving your kids with fire and passion and a desire to move mountains when they get in the way of your kids health and happiness.

And thank you for hearing the blips of another Mom’s worry radar and sitting with her until she feels ready to stand up and say “I got this.”

We do got this.  Because we do it together.