I get broken

I haven’t blogged in ages, but I couldn’t not join in with today’s prompt.

Because well…  Broken is a thing that I get.

And it’s a thing that I am.

Quite literally in fact….  You see, on Tuesday I was being a fun Mom and helping my girls put on a ball in the garage.  And then there were some shenanigans and I was playing chase with A.  I turned quickly, stepped down wrong on my foot and crashed to the ground.  My knee was pretty banged up and the girls were impressed with the blood.  But I’d heard a snap when I landed and my foot felt pretty Rotten.

I watched it that evening hoping against hope that it was just a bad sprain.  The next morning I still couldn’t put any weight on it so in to the ER we went.

Yep.  It’s broken.

And the best part is…  my hubby heads out to sea for a month this weekend.


I want to tell you that I’m taking it all in a stride.  I want to tell you that we’ve seen worse than this so I know I can get through this.  You know…  tumors, depression, a year of debilitating back pain.  I mean, we’ve got this right?

But I’m kind of undone with the thought of  facing down three girls and a month on my own while I hobble around on crutches.

So broken is something that I get.  And it’s something that I am so much more often than I want to be.

I will hold my own some how or another.  I will ask for help from friends.  I will pray that nothing happens that requires driving until I have a boot cast and am able to.

And I guess I’ll have to lean in again and trust that God’s abundance will meet me here too.


7 thoughts on “I get broken

  1. I am so sorry about your foot! I pray that it heals very quickly, and that the month while your husband is gone passes very quickly. Thank you so much for all the sacrifices that you, your husband, and your family makes. Blessings!

  2. I love your blog! Stubbing your toes on the Holy. May the Holy One show up in quiet ways and in powerful ones as you parent solo for the next month. I do think that broken is something he gets too, so you’re in good company and although you already know it, he is well able to bear with you in all sorts of brokenness. I hope you keep blogging with FMF! Stopping by from Lisa-Jo’s and thankful I did.

  3. Oh my! I can imagine how discouraged you must be feeling right now! The words ‘He is near to brokenhearted’ keep flashing through my mind over and over again, so I thought I would share them with you. I prayed a prayer that He would be extra near to you and would lift you up during this next month!

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