I get broken

I haven’t blogged in ages, but I couldn’t not join in with today’s prompt.

Because well…  Broken is a thing that I get.

And it’s a thing that I am.

Quite literally in fact….  You see, on Tuesday I was being a fun Mom and helping my girls put on a ball in the garage.  And then there were some shenanigans and I was playing chase with A.  I turned quickly, stepped down wrong on my foot and crashed to the ground.  My knee was pretty banged up and the girls were impressed with the blood.  But I’d heard a snap when I landed and my foot felt pretty Rotten.

I watched it that evening hoping against hope that it was just a bad sprain.  The next morning I still couldn’t put any weight on it so in to the ER we went.

Yep.  It’s broken.

And the best part is…  my hubby heads out to sea for a month this weekend.


I want to tell you that I’m taking it all in a stride.  I want to tell you that we’ve seen worse than this so I know I can get through this.  You know…  tumors, depression, a year of debilitating back pain.  I mean, we’ve got this right?

But I’m kind of undone with the thought of  facing down three girls and a month on my own while I hobble around on crutches.

So broken is something that I get.  And it’s something that I am so much more often than I want to be.

I will hold my own some how or another.  I will ask for help from friends.  I will pray that nothing happens that requires driving until I have a boot cast and am able to.

And I guess I’ll have to lean in again and trust that God’s abundance will meet me here too.