A Reluctant Welcome

Throwing my Lot in with Five Minute Friday today.

I want to slam the door on you.  You are unwanted guests.

Pain, unrelenting. Overwhelming circumstances that won’t let up.  Hard that just keep coming.

Tears….  Feelings of desolation.  Despair.

I want to leave you outside to shiver in the cold.

I want to ignore you, and not meet your eyes like a guilty person shuffling by the panhandlers at Safeway.

I don’t want to look at you much less entertain you.

But you’ve moved in.  You’ve taken up residence and you will not be ignored.

So what choice do I have but to welcome you? To learn from you.

What choice do I have?  I tried to bar the door but you came in anyway.

Well then, I will welcome the tears.  I will hold them sacred knowing that my Father holds them sacred.  I will not hold them back..  They burn toxic in my bones when I leave them unexpressed.

So come in.  Teach me for a season.  Even Paul said that their circumstances in Asia pushed them to the point of despairing of life….  But then he said this happened so they would rely not on themselves but on the God who raises the dead to life.

Welcome pain and tears, unbidden though you be. Teach me.  Push me to depend on Him.  Bring something new to life in me.


3 thoughts on “A Reluctant Welcome

  1. My comfort in the midst of all the tears is that Jesus is right there with me. He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me.

    BTW…I truly enjoyed your “Dear Body – the letter I need to write” post!

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