Coming Into Focus

Stealing some time for Five Minute Friday.

This summer rained down on us so fast, so furious that all the lines have been blurred and out of focus.

Hubby’s return from deployment, a trip to Houston and the death of his grandfather, a trip to NIH that loomed daunting on the horizon, first time buying a house, the move, the induction.  It didn’t seem so much like a summer as it did a frantic run from one VERY URGENT MATTER to another.

I haven’t been able to walk in a straight line for months.  I can’t bring things into focus.  It’s all happened so fast.  It down-right flattened me some days.   I’d cocoon up and stay still and watch it whirl around me, and even though I wasn’t the one moving I’d have to fight to catch my breath.

The chill of autumn has come.  The ending of the induction journey has come with it.  The house isn’t unpacked, but the boxes wait, and the promise of a more regular schedule with more time to stretch our legs in the togetherness of our family whispering at the edges.

Slowly the adjustments will be made, the breathing will come easier, the every-day disciplines will come with less struggle, the walls will be painted, the wood chopped, and the boxes put away.

The lines will become more crisp, and more in focus.  And I will be able to breathe.



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