It’s Five Minute Friday…  Where we write with Lisa Jo for the joy of words for just five minutes without over-thinking or over-editing or squashing out the joy of the craft.

I spent the evening looking at artists’ renderings of the female form.  Paintings of Aphrodite, of Venus.  Artists’ renderings of women reclining, or sitting, or standing.  (What?  How did you spend your Thursday evening?!)

After four months…  scratch that–a lifetime… of striving, counting, weighing, longing, and failing, I’ve had a break through.  I began to read a book called Healthy at Every Size.  I became cognizant of the lies I have believed about myself and the relationship that I have had with food.  Craving it, delighting it, using it to satisfy…  Hating it, measuring my worth and morality and value by it and the restraint of my consumption of it.

I’m done.  There is another way.  A more excellent way.  A way of love.  There is a way to pursue health, and life, and to taste the goodness of food and to revel in the beauty of who I am because of Whose I am.

I am not so unlike those artist’s renderings of Aphrodite.  I am curvaceous, voluptuous.  I am ample enough to be a vessel of life… of my husband’s pleasure.

To see this…  To begin ever so haltingly to own this is a gift.  A gift I’ve never known.

I am not a pants size or a number on a scale.  God does not look at me and see my fatness or thinness.  My husband does not require that I be a photoshopped, bony waif to delight in me.

I am Aphrodite.  I am ample life-giver.  I am beautiful.  I am created in the image of the Beauty that sustains all life….  That has created all life.  And I don’t want to spend another day shrinking away from the abundance that He’s given me in this skin that I’m in.


9 thoughts on “Aphrodite

  1. I loved this for its vibrant mental image of woman’s beauty as abundance. I find it concerning that in the West we define women’s beauty by our skinniness – the message being, ‘beauty depends on there being less of you’. This was such a healthy and beautifully-written antidote – thank you!

    • Thank you! I’m really in the baby steps of this journey. But I keep looking around seeing all these beautiful people of all different sizes and wishing we were more free to celebrate ALL of them!

  2. I remember thinking the same thing as I toured an art gallery in Glasgow last spring. No one ever says the Masters painted pictures of fat women, they painted pictures of BEAUTY. When did we women start believing what advertising is selling us? I need to check out that book. I’m still in training but it is more about health and mobility. Sure, for my health I hope a few pounds come off, but I count every day I can move as a gift and training helps me do that.

    • I think I’d love to have a trainer at this point! Like you for health! What I loved about Health at Every Size was it wasn’t saying–Go eat all the French Fries you want. It advocated healthful eating. Healthful moving. Healthful practices, but out of a place of love and not out of a place of deprivation. I really do recommend it.

  3. Oh, Val – YES. This was so timely & full of wisdom. I’ve struggled for years with these same issues. I know in my head “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, yet I haven’t fully grasped it with my heart. Thank you for the reminder: we are Aphrodite.

    • I think it is going to be a really slow process with me, but I’m hopeful. The little bits of freedom that I’m starting to taste are freeing though. I hope you are having a blessed Easter! I’ve enjoyed your reflections!

  4. Things I enjoyed the first time I visited your blog: The name of your blog, the tag-line, the photo of that awesome painting, the way you spill words honest, coming to terms with seeing yourself as beloved just.the.way.you.are. So glad you visited me today so I could return the favor. Enjoyed being here.

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