Grit proved in the slide

Digging in again to Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo of Gypsy Mama fame.  If you’re visiting from there, pop down to my last post–I’m doing a celebratory giveaway!  🙂


Here’s the thing about grit.  You don’t really know it’s around until things start to slide a little.

One of the words people used often about my mother was ‘gritty.’  It wasn’t a pretty word, or a flowery word, but it’s one of my favorite descriptors of her.  I think she is one of the reasons that when the going gets tough I try like mad to dig in.  

I don’t like when things are out of control. I don’t like it one bit.  I don’t like when multiple focalities of ‘bigness’ show up at once.  I don’t like treading water in even singular spots of ‘bigness.’

But it’s in these things that I find the grit that God has graced me with.  I find that when I feel like I’m slipping out of his arms–even there–there is something in me that digs in and holds on.  

I have a friend who used to say when things got tough or situations with others were trying, “Think of it this way, Val…  That’s just the sand paper that God is using to sand you down.”  God’s grit on my sharp edges continues to form me into who He wants me to be.  And yet, I think he has designed some traction points into me, and into all of us–Sharp edges, and pointy parts that maybe on first blush seem to be anomalies which need to be sanded away.  But His word says, “For when I am weak, then HE shall be strong.”  

Sometimes those rough edges are the very things that help us dig in and hold on tight.


6 thoughts on “Grit proved in the slide

  1. I love your words – traction points! It makes me smile so big this morning.
    I too have been described as gritty or tough and well I just get this.
    I hope your Sunday is blessed,

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