Fight the Gray

Five Minute Friday.  One of my favorite bloggy days of the week.  We write for five minutes.  We don’t over think.  We don’t super edit.  We just write.  And then we share.  And then we read and encourage.

I have allowed the grey to encircle and encloak me.  It is mid February in the Pacific Northwest.  Gray is a thing we do well at this time of year.

Every day I spend so focused on getting by and going through that I forget to chase after those things that delight me.  I settle for small things–eating too much chocolate (which ultimately leads to feelings of defeat and shame, I might add), too much time on Facebook,  TV shows after the kids go to bed.

When is the last time I breathed in deep the freedom-filled air of delight?

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my children or the world around me.  I do.  My youngest I have described many times in all her babyness as ‘my delight.’  Their giggles and joy in the world are always a shot in the arm of joy.  But something more is needed here.

I have not been cultivating the freedom of delight in my life as I wish I had been.  I’ve been too tired and overwhelmed.  The days have seemed too full of places to be and things that needed done.

So in these moments I know it is important to ask the question.  It’s an important question for the livelihood of my soul.  What delights me?  What sweeps me off my feet?  What gives me the room to take a full deep unencumbered breath?  I need to find these pockets of delight and curl myself into them.  I need to put them on the to-do list I have to.

My heart and my soul will be better for it if I do.  And I may just find some splashes of color amidst the gray.


3 thoughts on “Fight the Gray

  1. Sometimes it is nice to evaluate where our focus is…To sit back and think about what we are delighting in. I find that I lose sight of my delight because I get so caught up in my day that I forget to look to the One who truly holds my delight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Pockets of delight …
    I really like that phrase … but … I will pray that you rip open a seam in the lining of the cloak of gray and find a boat-load of delight to revel in! I know at this time in the year in the PacNW it can seem very gloomy.

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