Like a Weaned Child is My Soul

Five Minute Friday with the Gypsy Mama!  Five minutes of writing with our hearts and seeing where our fingers take us.  This one was tricky for me.

My baby girl got her 12 month shots today (we’re two months late, but who’s counting?)…

I always dread the look of absolute betrayal that comes across their faces after they get jabbed in their sweet little thighs and they register the pain that just came from the hands of grown ups.  I can handle the crying and I can rationalize the necessity of the pain but that look of betrayal kicks me in the gut.

I scooped her up after the bandages were on and she snuggled in to me for comfort.  I nursed all of my kids when they needed comfort and when they were tiny there was a part of me that was bizarrely jealous of the milk I provided because when my babes were sad it seemed it was the milk they craved…  not me.

So when I registered that baby girl calmed and quieted almost immediately not because she was nursing but because she was in my arms I marveled at the sweetness of recognizing a milestone has transpired.  Baby girl seeks comfort not just from the nourishment I provide her body, but also because of the nourishment I provide her spirit.  The milk she craved after the shots today was the solace and comfort of a Mama’s care–the person she trusts most in the world right now to ‘make it better.’

“I have calmed and quieted my soul.  Like a weaned child with its mother is my soul within me,” so goes the Psalm. It’s a line that comes to me off and on.  It’s in two of my favorite songs both affirming trust in God.

My baby girl gave me a picture of those words today.  Seeking solace because I trust the character of my God is so much deeper than the seeking of a physical sustenance we so often crave and demand.


3 thoughts on “Like a Weaned Child is My Soul

  1. Thanks for your comment on my post, and for adding me to your blog roll! I feel special:) Thanks also for the reminder from Psalms about a “calmed and quiet” soul. I need that. And I needed to hear that. that also brought to mind another of my favorites: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15. I’m sorry you’re alone while your husband is deployed. What’s community like for you there?

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