You want REAL? I got plenty of that!!!

Five Minute Friday again!  Today’s prompt:  REAL

Here’s some reality ‘I have three kids and a husband on deployment’ style.

We have Mac and Cheese, Boboli Pizzas (hey–at least they aren’t all frozen!  Though hmm…  cardboard pizza sounds good….  How about tonight!), Eggo Waffles, Frozen Chicken Nuggets (baked, not fried!), and Cereal for supper around here more often than not when hubby is gone.  With only kids to cook for and those kids not always (almost never) being keen on the meals I prepare, it’s just easier to go quick and dirty.

I have utilized the drive through in the last month more than I ever have in my entire life.

Sometimes, I can’t walk through my house–living room, kitchen, computer room, bedrooms without stepping on clothes and crumbs.  The sickening squish of wet laundry and the exasperating crunch of cereal under my toes gets to me…  but sometimes I don’t care.  I try to clean a little every day.  Often it’s easiest after bedtime…  But after bedtime I am often too tired.

I am playing catch up all the time.

My youngest mimics me most often by hollering at her big sisters.  She has even learned to time it appropriately.

I’ve stopped even trying to get my kids out of the house with matched socks.  I stopped months ago.  If we can find two socks to go on each of our feet in the morning I count that a good thing.  About 60% of the time Carolyn has at least one of MY socks on her feet.

Preparing a vegetable two or three times a week is a good week around here lately.  In my defense Vegetables don’t go very well with cereal or Eggo Waffles.

I check Facebook and my email and blogs way too many times a day mostly because I am DESPERATE for companionship and adult conversation.

I comb Abbie’s hair before leaving the house maybe once every three days.  It’s combed after bath time always…  Most of the time I’m too gun-shy of the screaming that always ensues to even try it these days.  Luckily her hair looks put together even when not combed.

I comb Carolyn’s hair multiple times a morning.  She still goes out looking like a ragamuffin child hair-wise.

I have yet to figure out how that works.

People have started telling me that I encourage them in my un-put-togetheredness.  Like, “The way that you look frazzled all the time and your house is mess all the time and you still show up and try to pretend to be part of normal civilization is really encouraging to me. Thank you for being so real.”

I’m not entirely sure how to take that.  Sometimes it makes me laugh.  Sometimes it makes me want to hide.

BUT we ARE going to get out of this season relatively intact if not a little vitamin deficient (hey–at least Eggo waffles and breakfast cereals are fortified!).

You want dirty, mess, reality?  We’ve got plenty of it around here!!!

What’s YOUR reality look like???


6 thoughts on “You want REAL? I got plenty of that!!!

  1. I did a post last week about the “real” life that I live… I think I shocked a few people on how my day ACTUALLY looks versus their picture of my life based on the small snippets I share online!

  2. I cleaned under my couch today and found no less than 18 candy wrappers. The other day I was cleaning the bathroom and found two of the four pet wax worms my daughter and her friend were playing catch with on Sunday during our Bible study group. No sign yet of the four crickets that were also liberated, including the one who made an appearance during a very deep and intense discussion of the Trinity. I also found a jury summons for November 30th. We’re a bit of a mess here too. It’s 11:30 at night and Phoenix is still talking to herself in her room. The crickets had the right idea!

  3. Read Tara’s comment and realized I missed that trick about dry waffles…wanted to let you know that you and yours are in our prayers and thanks for being you 🙂 My real Monday included the smoke detector going on…black smoke in the kitchen…thankfully, I turned off the microwave before any further burning could go on … got to love it when the smoke detector stops beeping and starts talking and telling you to leave the house because there is too much smoke!

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