In Which I Reveal My not-so-guilty T.V. Pleasures and the Way God Meets Me In Them

It’s Five Minute Friday!!!  I’m always so grateful to Lisa Jo for these days of writing just for the thrill of words and language and seeing where they’ll take me.

Full confession:  My kids kept interrupting me so I lost track of time and I know I wrote longer than five minutes, but Five Minute Friday again got my creative juices starting to flow!  Also, I really had no intention of admitting to you all that I am a TV on DVD junkie and that I love watching the romance of on-screen couples like Booth and Brennan on Bones unfold, but hey…  What can I say?  This is the real me.  😉  

One of my go-to coping mechanisms is getting lost in someone else’s story.  I have a T.V. series that corresponds with most of the major struggles of my life since entering adulthood.  Felicity, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, West Wing, Murphy Brown…  All of them have given me a story to slip into with vivid colors and the struggles of someone else to care about when the stakes weren’t too high.  Books have been the same kind of respite for me.  I slip into old favorites like my Madeleine L’Engle collection or the world of Anne of Green Gables and pull them around me like a comfy bath robe.  The language and the hope and the idealism help me to cocoon and re-center myself.

Sometimes I’m surprised at how God finds me there, even as I’m escaping the “real world.”  I woke up yesterday still feeling a little glum…  dreading another day of being snowed in, missing husband, and with a wicked, awful toothache.  Since I woke up earlier than I expected and knew I didn’t have to get the kids ready for school I put Bones on to zone out to.  Now I love me some Bones and this happened to be one of those mushy-gushy ones where Brennan’s intellectualism is cracking a little bit and she needs a safe place to fall and her partner, Booth, is always that.

Those scenes can be dangerous when Hubby is away because they make me miss him so much…  He is MY safe place to fall and he’s the one person who sees all of the nitty-gritty Valness in all it’s glory.  In the last few years of things that felt so much bigger than me, I put on a brave face with everyone but him.

The vividness of my imagination gave me that little comparison and then I went downstairs to start the day and do my devotions.  And what did I find?  A passage and a reflection about how God rescues us.  And it occurred to me right there, that this little ‘escape from reality’ had given me the chance to snuggle up close to the heart of God.  I miss that safe place to fall that I find in my husband and that I’m reminded of when watching my favorite on-screen romances unfold, but here God used this escape and the tool of my imagination to show me that HE is filling in those gaps.  That HE is always my first and best soft place to fall.  That I can be a spoiled brat birthday girl with Him, and the brute beast that the Psalmist calls out.  I can crumble a little bit and take off my public brave face.  My husband is the Booth to my Brennan, but God was that first.

He finds me in the funniest places sometimes.  I love that.


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