Riding the Rolls and Yaws and Pitches

Five Minute Friday!  

So I hit a wall.  I hit a wall and I had a few days where I cried a lot and I felt miserable.  And I read comments that some of you sweet folks left.  And then I remembered.

I remembered the numbness.  I remembered how closing myself off from the awful feelings and trying to ‘suck it up and deal’ made me forget how to feel.  I remembered the “On and Off Switch” that got stuck.

I remembered John 1:1-18 and the admonishment to memorize it and root it deep into my brain and my heart and to remember that the WORD became FLESH.  That Jesus was HUMAN.  And that I am called to become more and more human–to follow hard after Him and to watch the work of redemption craft me into more and more of who I was created to be each day.

But I have to stay open.  I have to let myself feel.  I have to be ready to roll and yaw and pitch in this amazing journey of life.  I have to remember that sometimes those who are most blessed realize those blessings in circumstances that look more…  HARD than blessed to the naked eye.

So as I walk into this New Year…  I can’t imagine what kinds of curve balls and changes and new journeys it will bring.  I find myself apprehensive about new years because of the number of curve ball years it seems we’ve had.  And yet the lesson in that is that if I stay open to the every day….  If I take it just a day at a time, a moment at a time, an emotion at a time…  I can see the gifts of right now.  I can feel the feelings.  I can become more me.  And I can ride out the waves and the curve balls as they come.  After all, His grace has allowed me to this far.


3 thoughts on “Riding the Rolls and Yaws and Pitches

  1. Oh, the hard work of staying open…especially when that involves feeling pain…you are wise to recognize that it is ultimately better to stay open because it also keeps us open to God and what He has for us…He is so good at redeeming the hard stuff… praying for you today and sending you a hug, if that is okay 🙂

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