One Moment at a Time

It’s Five Minute Friday, again.  🙂

If I jump ahead a few days…  If I look at what is coming down the line.  If I think about the absence and all that we will be missing, I can’t breathe.  The anxiety and the dread swallow me whole.  I have been surprised the last few days though, at how I can keep my head out of that place.  How I can look at what’s in front of me–a Thanksgiving meal.  My baby girl’s birthday celebration.  I can focus on those things and feel swept up in love and in joy.

It’s amazing to me that the human heart can hold so much.  We can do Thanksgiving and do this birthday and be so fully in it even while preparing for this deployment.  It reminds me of when my Mom was near the end and we started matter of factly discussion funeral arrangements.  I was 24 then and I remember thinking that I never would have guessed that I could have that conversation without the world swallowing me in blackness or at the very least me breaking into tears.

But our hearts can and do contain so much.  So much at once.  And in the moment…  In gratefulness for the moment and for the little things that come our way.  Be they  sparks of light and fun, tender gestures that remind you of the love that you share, reminders of strength that will carry you through…  I am grateful for the sustaining nature of the present moment.


5 thoughts on “One Moment at a Time

  1. What a good way to think of things. Sometimes if we live in the moment without borrowing worry from the future, we can savor those special moments and appreaciate them more. Wishing you grace, peace and blessings!

  2. What a wonderful picture you painted about the gift of being here – what a present! Thank you and praying that God continues to sustain you and your family. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

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