Growing Confident

It’s Five Minute Friday again!  Check out some of the other people playing with words and writing for Five Minutes only with The Gypsy Mama.

I was talking with some ladies yesterday about decision making.  We were looking at how we make our decisions and what kinds of bents our personality have when making them.

As we talked I kind of flashed over the big decisions we’ve made lately.  Decisions about health care and doctors and what paths we should take.  Decisions about husband staying in the Navy or getting out of the Navy.  Decisions about where to live.  What to do with kiddos.  On and on.

I realized in a flash that I feel a confidence I don’t think I’ve ever known before about the decisions I’ve made and about my ability to make them.  The crucible of the last few months and years where so many big things happened and there were so many choices about how to proceed.  I don’t wring my hands near as much as I once did.  I trust myself.  I know that I seek out wisdom and knowledge.  I know that I inform myself.  I know that at some point I just have to take a leap and go with it.  Best of all, I’m not living in regret.  I stand by the decisions I’ve made.

I can be so timid.  But yesterday as I reflected I realized that I’ve pushed out some of that timidity, and in this area, at least, I’ve found confidence.  For a girl who is hard on herself all to often, that’s a great feeling to have.  To see a place where I’ve grown and stand tall in it. To know that I can trust myself and the decisions that I make:  That’s huge.


3 thoughts on “Growing Confident

  1. It’s almost like those pencil marks we make on the walls to catalog the way our kids are growing, isn’t it? Sometimes we don’t even realize how much they’ve grown until we get a glimpse of those pencil marks on the wall. Sounds as if that discussion with your friends was like adding another pencil mark to your own personal wall. 🙂

  2. To see a place where I’ve grown and stand tall in it…..
    Hear that?! It’s me, clapping right along with you! I have a feeling this celebration is just one of many more yet to come!!! 🙂

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