Red Screws Under the Hood

Five Minute Friday again.  Today we’re writing on the prompt “Unexpected.”

You get this idea in your head, before you’re married, of what ‘love’ will look like.

Candlelight dinners, foot rubs…  Long talks.  Doing life together.

I find some of the unexpected moments of love are the ones that take my breath away.

We’re in ‘preparation’ mode around here.  Updating wills.  Doing paperwork.  Looking the house over.  Making purchases to keep everyone and everything together for the next few months.

Husband came in yesterday with red all over one of his much-loved shirts.  He said it was time to retire that one.  I asked what had happened and he told me it was just some paint from a project he’d been working on:  Painting screws.

Painting screws?  Yep.  The screws that are under the hood that hold the headlamps into the van.  He’d painted them red so that if I need to change one of the headlights while he’s gone, I’d know where to start.  He took a few minutes and gave me a “What’s under the hood” refresher course.

Something about the red screws just undoes me.  It’s such a little thing, but the way he thinks of me…  The way he looks ahead at the things I might have to tackle while he’s out on the boat and tries to make them as easy as possible for me…

Somehow those things that I never imagined love looking like say even more than the candlelight dinners or the foot rubs.

These are the unexpected ways that love shows itself.


8 thoughts on “Red Screws Under the Hood

  1. Oh Val…so true…it really is those unexpected thoughtful acts of service/love that really can say “love” even more than the candlelit dinners at times, although I’m never one to refuse such a dinner 🙂

    Love and peace to you and your dear family. Keep us posted so we know how to pray.

  2. That is beautiful. I remember the first time I knew I was in love with my man. He put up the Christmas tree in my apartment. There was something in that act of service, of taking care of something that was too big and too prickly for me to do myself that spoke love to me.

  3. Hi Val – lovely post. Its so true that love often is not what we expected it to be. Great reminder to see those things for what they are – love. I’m so glad you visited my blog because it has led me to yours.
    God bless

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