Beauty Piercing Through the Filter

And it’s Five Minute Friday!  The topic?  Relevant.  It’s freeing to just plain WRITE for five minutes without stressing about every last word.  (This one might have taken more like six minutes, but I figure the point of FMF is Freedom, so I don’t stress too much over it.  ;)).


I’m used to crisis mode.  Sometimes I wonder if I know how to operate outside of crisis mode.  People always say you shouldn’t live your life waiting for the other shoe to drop, but sometimes it feels like there must be giants with myriad legs running around losing shoes right and left.  The news of the deployment feels like just the next shoe.

When I’m in crisis mode amazing filters crowd in on my brain.  Everything that I deal with fits into two categories:  Those that are relevant for surviving in crisis mode and Those that are NOT relevant for surviving in crisis mode.  Sometimes I get obnoxiously impatient with those things that don’t fit into the first category and I have to remember that my crisis is not everyone’s crisis and that it’s very likely that many of the people in my life are in their own version of crisis mode and I’m not privy to the details.

Sometimes I over filter.  I have to be careful about that.  I’m glad though that today I let in a few extra ‘irrelevant’ thoughts into my brain.  As I was on my way to a friend’s house, the wind was blustery and I was driving on a particularly lovely street lined with trees still sporting their most glorious autumn colors.  The wind was swirling and whirling the leaves around and up into the air…  Agitating them into a dance.  At first the filter was out and I didn’t see, but something drew me to them and into the rhythms of their dance.  I was so grateful that they made it through the filter and that I SAW the leaves.  It’s those simple, small piercing moments of beauty that are MOST relevant.  That draw my heart into the holy and out of my own circumstances.  They are gifts from the God who loves my heart and those are the things that are the most relevant to every circumstance.


8 thoughts on “Beauty Piercing Through the Filter

  1. I had almost the same experience this week, although mine wasn’t during a moment of crises. Sadly, (and I’m ashamed to admit it) even when life is “good” and rolling along smoothly I tend to zone out and miss the beauty of the dance, the holy in the middle of the mundane…but last week, God placed a reminder right on my lap. As I was sitting out on our patio, I, too heard the merriment of the leaves and found myself drawn into their fall celebration. As I sat there, a leaf floated my direction, landing on my lap, and ushering in a holy moment~

    Your words always touch my heart. I love seeing faith and our precious God through your eyes (and words!) I’ll be praying for you……for peace in the storm, for strength in the journey, and for eyes that keep on seeing and a heart that keeps on dancing~

  2. What a beautiful display of His glory! I love when God gets our attention through His creation. I’m sorry for the upheaval in your family, but so glad you’ve embraced the Father who “draw(s) my heart into the holy and out of my own circumstances”. Amen, and amen!

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