Look Beyond the Fingers, Patch!

Five Minute Friday again!  I wake up looking forward to them.  Today the prompt is “Beyond.”  Check thing out at The Gypsy Mama’s Place and play along!


Remember the guy in Patch Adams holding up the four fingers?  “How many fingers do you see?”

“Four.  There are four fingers.”

“NO!  NO!!!  Another idiot!”

And finally he explained it to Patch:  “Look BEYOND the fingers!  Look BEYOND the problem!”

Why can’t I get that idea through my thick head.  Why can’t I see beyond my own problems.  Why can’t I see outside of myself when I’m feeling squirmy and uncomfortable and unlovable in my own skin? Why do I keep answering “Four!” instead of looking beyond the problems into Jesus’s face to find another solution….  another answer?

I feel prickly and tired and unable to show up in ways I want to for my family.  And I let it stymie me.  I feel prickly about someone or something and I let that get in the way of my seeing them or the situation for what it really is.  I don’t look beyond the problem.  And most often the problem is me.

Thanks be to God that Jesus has wider vision than me.  He sees past my sins and my fallings.  He sees beyond my fumbles and failings.  He sees through all my posturing and pouting.  He sees  beyond it all and right down to the quick of my heart.  He sees me redeemed and washed clean because of what He did.  He saw past the problem of the gluck and gunk of my heart and laid His life down as the solution to my problem.

Help me, God, to see past my own fingers.  To see past the problem.  To come up with a new answer.  A new solution.  Help me to do that by looking past myself and the little and big problems I face day to day and into your face.


3 thoughts on “Look Beyond the Fingers, Patch!

  1. Another very fitting post. . .what a great analogy. A friend just told me about her daughter who says “Oh yeah that’s a first world problem” like not having cell phone reception etc. Love it, we think we have problems or issues and they are nothing compared to the third world problems. We have to continue to be grateful even in times of trials, we still have so many blessings, we just seem to get in the way.

  2. I completely delight in this. The movement from telling God how big your problems are to telling your problems how big your God is.

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