The Exquisiteness of Ordinary

It’s Five Minute Friday again!  The Gypsy Mama says:

Want to join me in the fun of just writing and not worrying if it’s just right (or on time) or not?

        1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
        2. Link back and invite others to join in.

Go all out encouraging the writer who linked up before you.

    Today’s prompt:  Ordinary

Growing up, I never wanted to be ‘ordinary.’  I just knew I was going to shoot for ‘extraordinary.’  My folks worked in a factory manufacturing refrigerators.  They were proud of what they did and honored hard-working people who did the thankless everyday jobs and taught me to do the same.  Just the same…  Extraordinary was what I was aiming for.

I grew up and didn’t follow the life path I had so neatly set out for myself.  I married a man in the Navy.  I had kids pretty quickly after that.  Having kids and a husband in the Navy makes the career thing complicated.  Not impossible, but complicated.  And the things I valued made me make choices that surprised me.  I wanted my kids to have a parent at home–someone steady while Husband went out and back to sea and the four corners of the globe.  So I stayed home.  I didn’t change the world with my career path.

The extraordinary life I envisioned ended up being chock-full of ordinary things…  Onesies and diapers…  Sippie cups.  As we enter the school-aged years it’s permission slips and construction paper.  Homework packets and family projects.

Then last year I got a tumor.  A RARE tumor.  An extraordinary tumor.

My mother used to tell me I was ‘terminally weird.’  I wondered if her joke was proving to be frighteningly true.  Suddenly the word ‘normal’ took on a golden hue.

I craved the word ‘normal’ on imaging scans and doctors reports.

More than that…  amidst the doctors appointments, the surgery, the fear, and the anxiety the ordinary was my bread and butter.  Hugs from my kids.  Lazy days in pajamas.  Trips to the park.  Giggles and snuggles.

Ordinary it turns out can be exquisite.


(P.S.  And this was added after the five minutes…  This sounds very ‘Tastier Tasting Food and Smellier Smelling Flowers,’ huh?  Maybe it’s been there all along and quietly sustaining me even though I didn’t keep everything framed in that perspective all the time….  )


9 thoughts on “The Exquisiteness of Ordinary

  1. Hello,
    I’m visiting from Gypsy Mama. Your post was lovely, you know. . . I was hooked at the end of each line, and I was so with you on every paragraph. Every. Paragraph.

    I understand what you’re talking about with that “golden hue.” And I hope that it lasts forever and ever . . . so that it becomes, well, ordinary, again. ❤

  2. Thank you for visiting, I had just read your post, then check my blog and there you were. As I read, I thought how often the ‘bump’ in the road is what it takes to shake the scales from our eyes so we can see clearly how God has already blessed us.

  3. Ordinary it turns out can be exquisite. So very true. Too often, I have been guilty of living the “when only” life. When only this happens, or when only that takes place….and yet, as you so eloquently expressed (as usual!)…what I was looking for has been here all the time… the ordinary. How exquisite is that?!

    Love the way God writes through you-

  4. Oh my friend, you are anything but “ordinary”! I love the way you’ve seen the beauty in the everyday. You’re right – the ordinary events of our lives can be exquisite. Inspiring post!

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