Remind Me It’s Worth It

Five Minute Friday.…  on “Friends.”

Navy life is hard on friendships.

We’ve stayed in one place for an astounding seven years and yet so many friends have drifted in and out of our lives.

It gives me much to celebrate and much to mourn.  I have the privilege of having friends literally the world over–Flung from England to Illinois to Washington and California…  I get to live vicariously through their experiences of life worlds away.

In those moments of heartache though, when they need a hug or I need a hug I wish for arms that could reach and can only be thankful for the far-reaching arms of God and send my hugs through prayers.

The moving is hard.  The separation from those I grew up with is hard.  Heart strings stretch far, but not so much arms.

Another friend moved away this week, not because of the Navy, but because of heartache and brokenness at our church.  That brokenness strains relationships that are local as well.  I find, not for the first time in recent months, that my heart is lonely and I wish for more of the kinds of drop everything and go for coffee, watch the kids play, and find  comfort in the well-worn grooves of familiar friendship.  So I’m wading in to other venues…  Intentionally seeking out opportunities to build relationships.  It stretches me and I feel awkward and use analogies about ducks too often, but I also open myself to the miracle of new connections.

I just have to remind myself that the heartache side of friendship in a Navy town and as a Navy wife is all worthwhile for the privilege of wading into the deep and loving hard.


7 thoughts on “Remind Me It’s Worth It

  1. I can’t imagine the difficulty in so many goodbyes of good friends. Recently several of my good friends have moved and it’s been difficult. I can’t imagine that being the “norm.” I like your words, “thankful for the far reaching arms of God.” Amen.

    • It is hard… but the flipside is that you get to meet so many amazing people and that even with things always changing you see how faithful and steadfast God is.

  2. I too am a military wife, and though I haven’t moved around much, a lot of my friends have left the area lately. The only good thing is how much closer it can draw us to our Savior’s arms. May He bless and encourage you, and be your Rock to lean upon! Thanks for sharing with Five Minute Friday!

  3. Hi Val,
    I read your post and I wanted to give you a HUG but I will rely on God’s “far-reaching” arms, as you aptly put it. Good for you for intentionally seeking to “build relationships”…it can be hard, but I have found it well-worth the effort as you beautifully wrote “for the privilege of wading into the deep and loving hard.” I was praying for you re: your Monday doctor’s appointment that you mentioned last week. I pray all is well with you.

  4. I just found this post while I was cleaning out my inbox! I can feel your hugs all the way over here in England. I long for a coffee date in one of our kitchens while the girls play and we just talk about nothing and everything, I miss you my friend!

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