Edited to Add:  This finally shook out yesterday (Thursday) afternoon and once I settled in to the theme it floated out and quick!  Then I found out that today’s Five Minute Friday topic is “rest.”  I felt like I’d had a mind-merge with The Gypsy Mama.  😉  So I’m just gonna go ahead and link up with this one.


My brain is sloshy.

Eyes unfocused.

Words don’t want to come.

So…  Tired…

I feel like I’ve been so tired–behind the eyes tired–for over a year now.

I’m the mother of 3 busies one of whom is a baby  What do I expect?

I love moments of rest–time to snuggle under a cover, or a chance to sit down with a good book.

Baby asleep on my chest and no chores pressing enough to make me move.

I welcome cool breezes at the end of each day who invite me to sit.  They’ve never beckoned so strongly before.

Moments, even just moments, at the beach listening to the waves crash give rest to my heart.

All of them moments, just moments in the midst of the busy and chaotic

Pinpricks of rest.

Still, somehow when I give myself the spaciousness of soul to recognize them.

They are enough.


3 thoughts on “Rest

  1. This is beautiful! I love it! I definately resonates with me, though I only have 1 baby, he just became mobile and conventional resting seems a thing of the past! I love where you say “pin pricks of rest” wow. that is a perfect description, and you are right, they really are enough. Children are the greatest joys and the sacrifice of “rest” seems so small in comparison. I LOVE this piece! So eloquently written. thanks for sharing it!

  2. Oh so lovely … those little moments, tiny pinpricks of rest.
    Enjoy those moments, and know that the days of being the tired mama of little ones end all too quickly, cherish them even with a sloshy brain and unfocused eyes 🙂 … my baby, the youngest of my 3, is 9 years old now, and I do remember the days when I thought I would never get a moment’s rest … but they come, and He is there, and He gives us just what we need … a moment’s rest here and there, refilling our cup to overflowing so we may once again bless the wee ones counting on us to fill theirs, too.
    Catherine 🙂

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