Holy Ground of Newness

The Gypsy Mama has invited us to play with words.  For five minutes every Friday we just plain, write.  No editing or over-thinking or back spacing.  Today’s word-prompt is “new.”

(As a full disclosure I will freely admit that when I play I allow myself to finish my thoughts and after the five minutes I fix some of the cosmetics.  I just can’t stand to spell ‘their like there’ or use a period instead of a question mark and just leave it…. But then I can be kind of a rule-breaker sometimes…  ;))



Newborn babies are so fragile and precious and holy.  They blink hard at the light and startle at loud noises and big movements and they need to be held close and nurtured and cuddled.

How has it been nine months since my sweet little Lainey was “fresh from God” new?  How has time gone so fast?

In some ways, this place that I’m in now of processing all that’s happened since my initial diagnosis and the surgery…  wondering what life will look like now and how my heart and soul have been changed in all that has happened in the last year feels like *I* am brand new…  Blinking against the light.  Startling at loud noises and big movements.

I feel fragile and in need of being held close–swaddled by Abba.

Those things that are most fragile are often most holy so maybe where I find myself now is truly Holy Ground.

As I navigate a new normal blinking at the bright lights and the harsh nature of a world that doesn’t understand this fragility, I need to be gentle with myself.  I need to know this space is holy.  I need to embrace this newness and not be ashamed of it.

When things feel ‘new’ we just might be treading on Holy Ground.


4 thoughts on “Holy Ground of Newness

  1. Hi Val,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I want to affirm your words re: “embrace this newness and not be ashamed of it.” It is a hard thing as our world so values being strong and all together, and not that there is anything wrong with that , but there are times when God is doing something new and different… something fragile… something special. May you sense Abba Father wrapping you close in His arms of love.

  2. Oh…such beautiful words… and how beautiful to remember that our Abba Daddy understands our heart. Just as you know when your little one needs comforting or a gentle touch, your Heavenly Father knows the deepest desires and the greatest needs of your heart. Draw near to Him, allow Him to hold you and uphold you. It’s ok to be gentle with yourself. I have a feeling your Abba Daddy wouldn’t want it any other way.
    Praying for you-

  3. Oh Val, you have a way with words, made me stop and catch my breath. Needing newness in my own life, Thank you! Denise

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