Take the Scales off My Eyes

I’m playing again with Five Minute Fridays along with The Gypsy Mama.

The mission:  To write for Five minutes, unabashedly, not worrying about editing but just letting the words come.  You could play too!

Today’s word:   Beauty (Val groans and hides, but tries anyway)

Sometimes I forget who I am.  Sometimes I forget who made me.  I forget that my heart is good, and that, as John Eldredge says women are the pinnacle of God’s creation.  I reflect the image of God and there ain’t no ugly in that.

I drink beauty in when I see it out my window–the mountains blushing around me at sunset, little girls twirling unabashedly in my back yard, puffy clouds exploding in glory.

I had forgotten how essential it is to turn within and remember who made me.  Remember that he calls me “Very Good.”  Even more, that he calls me beloved.

I’ve watched the pounds creep on and the wrinkles deepen and the hair gray in the last year.  Most of the time I wear at least the last two as a badge, but sometimes a girl just wants to rise above her ‘Queen Frumpy’ status.  And sometimes the word ‘failure’ creeps in like a poison, blinding my eyes when I look in the mirror and down into the depths of my soul.

Oh God, take the scales off my eyes.  Help me to proclaim in my stature that I *am* fearfully and wonderfully made.  Help me to again love the wrinkles, and the scars and smiles behind them.  Help me to again love the heart that you gave me and said was good.  Help me to stand straight up in the knowledge that I carry your image.  And You IN me is beautiful.


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