Whole Smacks of Heaven

My second time around in Five Minute Friday.

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The word smacks of heaven to me:  Whole.  Hearty.  Hale.  Healthy.  Heaven.

It seems like so much of this life is loss.  The price of loving anyone in your life will eventually be losing them in one capacity or another.  That’s a tough pill to swallow.

I never did death well.  As a girl and even as a teenager, even the somewhat ‘minimal’ losses I suffered cut me to the quick.  And they somehow started cutting closer and closer.

When Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer when I was 23 years old, and died 8 months later when I was 24 I really started understanding loss.  I started to comprehend what it is to live with a gaping hole in your heart that scabs over and time heals, but never really goes away.

Losing a baby to miscarriage…  Another piece torn away.

And then, the loss of complete ‘health’ for myself.

“If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got anything,” people say.  And I say, “Really??  Really??”  God breathes gifts to us in all circumstances.  God MAKES good out of all circumstances even those which really are bad (because some things REALLY ARE bad).

But on the other side of the veil, so much will be restored.

I often wonder what that will look like.  When Jesus appeared after his resurrection He still had His scars.  Maybe sometimes our collecting of scars and battle wounds is part of the wholeness-making on this side of the veil.

But there we will be whole and those we love will be restored and we will be with him wholly known, wholly loved, whole.


5 thoughts on “Whole Smacks of Heaven

  1. Val,

    Such a great reminder, that this is not the end and that the veil will one day be lifted! This life is so messy, so hurtful, but one day it will only be a memory, and our loved ones, our hurts, and our scars will be restored. “For now we see as through a glass, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then shall I know even as I am known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12 Thank you for this and also for your kind words on my post. Hope to see more of you on FMF!


  2. Great post. Whole does smack of heaven doesn’t it? We will be whole once we are reunited in heaven. Our bodies will be whole, our hearts will be whole, and our souls will, of course, be whole. You said it well.

  3. Longing for the day when we will truly be whole. Until then, the hurts and heartaches, the scars and battle wounds, will now serve as reminders of the blessed hope of Heaven.
    Thank you,

  4. “God breathes gifts to us in all circumstances”. This whole post was beautiful and I too, have lost complete health, but in turn God has given me so much more in the way of relationship with Him.

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