I haven’t known what to write here for a long time.  I have thought often about just stopping with the blog thing.  I’m not entirely sure that I won’t do that. 

I have plenty to write about these days.  Way too much to write about.  But the words aren’t in me.  Or maybe they’re just not in me for here. 

Today all I know is I’m feeling a little shell-shocked.


4 thoughts on “Shell-shocked

  1. New Friend Thanks for the comment on my post. I am praying for you as well. Today our pastor spoke on 1 Thess. 4:13-18…the hope of the Resurrection. Those that have lost loved ones who were believers have a hope…this is what keeps me going.

    I pray peace envelopes your heart.

  2. Hey – Been out of touch since last semester blindsided me. I’m so sorry to read about the woman who committed suicide. How very tragic.

    I hope you’ll blog again soon. The interwebz wouldn’t be the same without your voice in it.

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