I get too comfortable…

Especially with DH on Shore Duty, I forget….

I forget  the reality of the war going on.  That the consequences of that are real.  That people are dying.  That those people are husbands and fathers and sons.  That they are real and substantial like my husband.  That their families are robbed of them. 

I forget.  Until I read things like this and this.  And I am undone.  I cannot afford to forget.  I cannot dishonor these men and women and the people who loved them that way.  Pray for this Marine Wife, this first time mother who is slapped in the face with the unfairness of her husband being taken away.  And pray for the family of this beautiful girl who overcame so much.


2 thoughts on “I get too comfortable…

  1. Human beings can’t live at the pitch of agony for very long. I quickly get comfortable after a deployment ends, and I feel guilty for it, but I think it’s also important to remember that we military families need a break between our own high-stress periods. I struggle to find a balance: I want to remember and pray for those in the heat of the battle, and to give my own heart the Sabbath it needs to be ready when its our turn again. . . .

  2. Wonderful post, and so true. My husband’s not on shore duty but he doesn’t deploy as much or for as long as a lot of others do. I get comfortable with the idea that he is coming home at the end of his day. I forget too. Thank you for reminding me.

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