Hello Blog

Me:  Hello Blog

Blog:  Hey!  Where’ve you been?

Me:  I dunno, I just haven’t had much to write I guess…

Blog:  You’ve been cheating on me with Facebook haven’t you??

Me:  Well, we have been spending more time together than we should, but that’s not why I haven’t blogged.

Blog:  Then why haven’t you?  You’re telling me that nothing is going on?  The kids haven’t done anything crazy?  The Navy hasn’t done anything interesting?  You haven’t had any angsty thoughts or new developments in your life?

Me:  The kids have done plenty of crazy things…  But I’m trying to collect those in a journal now and usually when they’re doing a lot of crazy things I’m too tired to come here and write about them…  The Navy, well.. .  It’s the Navy!  It’s always a little unpredictable.  Of course I’ve been angsty.  But Shore Duty has been, thusfar at least, relatively uneventful.  And, yes,  I’m still the thinkative girl who gets into a twit about lots of things and thinks herself in circles.  I’m still plenty angsty.  There really have been plenty of developments…  Just none that I’ve really wanted to put a publish button to.  And I’ve been staying busy doing other things.

Blog:  You’re leaving me, aren’t you?  Haven’t we had good times together?  Haven’t I always been there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on or a place to vent steam?

Me:  You have always been there for me blog.  I’m not leaving you.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say somewhere down the line.  Right now my words are just quiet.

Blog:  Your words are quiet?  What in the heck does that mean, anyway?

Me:  Ok.  If you’re going to be mean about it, I’m done. 

Blog:  Fine!

Me:  Fine!


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