Why Support the MOTHERS act?

  • Because postpartum depression is THE most common complication of childbirth. 
  • PPD affects approximately half a million women per year in the US.
  • 10-15% of women who give birth will experience a postpartum mood disorder
  • Postpartum mood disorders negatively affect mothers AND children
  • Postpartum depression is frequently unreported and under diagnosed. 
  • Postpartum mood disorders are TREATABLE

Need more reasons?

  • Because no woman should suffer the sadness, guilt, and anxiety that postpartum mood disorders bring
  • Because children need mommies who are able to care for them
  • Because being a parent should be a joyful experience
  • Because chances are someone you know will experience postpartum depression

You can even read the bill yourself! 

Please support the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERs act.  How can you do that? 

Again, it’s easy! 

  • Go to the DBSA and sign the petition.
  • E-mail Susan Stone at susanstonelcsw@aol.com and put your name on the state-by-state list of people who endorse this bill–be sure to include your name and state.
  • Call and write your senator or Congressperson
  • Write about the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act in your blog.
  • Call or e-mail every one of your organization’s members today and tell them to get up and get to work for goodness sake.
  • Join Postpartum Support International as it works to create more and better services and education for the women who suffer.
  • More Goodies:

    Sharing the Journey–A fellow PPD survivor, PSI coordinator, and PPD Advocate who is heading up this week’s movement to blog for the MOTHERS Act

    An interview with Mary Jo Cody

    Susan Stone’s Perinatal Pro

    Senator Menendez’s enorsement

    One more edit to add:  I just got done calling a good 3/4 of the H.E.L.P. Senate Committee (including getting yelled at by a very annoyed but official sounding somebody when I fat-fingered a number…  *sigh*).  I’m a girl who wets her pants when she gets pulled over by a policeman, and gets sweaty palms just driving by them. I’m afraid of important people.  If I can call a few Senators, I know you can!


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