Thinking in Bullets is Just Easier

  • I should be cleaning for company.  Our friend, Todd, is coming over this evening.  He and his wife moved to Colorado right before Christmas and we’ve missed them terribly.  I’ve got the spaghetti sauce in the crock-pot and the double chocolate chip cookies made for him, so I’m taking a break. 
  • My oldest turned 4 yesterday and she really is such a big girl.  I’m so proud of how grown up she is.  She’s still my little firecracker, and she still keeps me on my toes plenty but her loving heart and enthusiasm about the world around her get my attention more and more these days–Cornstarch incidents not withstanding (and…  those are being instigated by the little one more and more frequently too!)
  • We move into the new home in a little over a week.  We’re so excited.  Packing is coming slow…  But we’ve begun working on deep clean items.  I’m most anxious about getting the house clean and ready for our move out inspection.  I can’t wait to settle in there, and I can’t wait to wake up to an amazing view every morning.
  • I’m taking my first solo flight since before kids this week to go to my SIL’s.  She invited me to attend the Hearts at Homeconference and I am SO pumped.  I’m so JUST taking a carry on.   And on the plane I am going to READ and SLEEP and enjoy sitting there without ANYONE on my lap.  And I will put my own drink on the tray-table in front of me and not worry about any little fingers or toes or elbows or heads spilling it.  And I will not have to apologize repeatedly to the passengers around me for the wiggliness and noise of myself or any of my party.  And the window shade will stay in one position for a good portion of the flight, along with my tray table and the arms of the seat.  Oh, I’m looking forward to the conference too!  Really!
  • Even so I am apprehensive about leaving my babies.  What if they cry?  What if I cry?  What if they decide they like Daddy more than me when I’m gone?  What if I miss them so much I don’t have any fun? 
  • The randomness of C leaning out to talk to Daddy in the yard and yelling, “Daddy, ‘member!  Don’t eat any grass!” makes my laugh.
  • Little Sister parroting  the grass advice  is equally funny.  
  • Ok.  Off to tidy the house, and perhaps get some packing done.  Maybe.  Possibly.  Or maybe it can just wait til I get back from my trip….

4 thoughts on “Thinking in Bullets is Just Easier

  1. Hey!! I’m going to the Hearts @ Home Conf this weekend too! I’m so excited…but I’m not sure that which part has me the most excited, the conference or the child-free 24 hours 🙂

    I’ll keep an eye out for ya!!!

  2. Yeah for fun adventures! I hope you have a great time at your conference. Everyone needs some fun me time. I hope the packing goes smoothly and that you love your new house! Don’t forget to pass on your new address. Easter is not far away!

    Much love to you all,

  3. Four? seriously, were did the time go?

    Enjoy your trip sans kids. We all need a break now and then.

    I’ll think of you while you pack. Wish I were there to help…

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You were 100% right. I hope today’s post makes up a bit for the unintentional perpetuation of the very stigma you mentioned 🙂

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