We’re moving into a huge, beautiful house on base.

In two weeks.

And I can’t believe it.

This should prove to be quite the new adventure!!!


9 thoughts on “Omigosh!!!!

  1. Yea for bigger houses!!! Congrats!!! You must give me your new address after you move… or I will be totally lost and not able to mail fun things…


  2. Hi..! I’ve read your blog a few times in the past, through Snarky Navy Wife. I’m (sorta already did) moving to Whidbey, living in Rockhill Terrace with my (soon to be official, yes we cheated the system) husband in late May. We actually already have our house there, but our wedding is in May, so I have to stay put here until then. Anyway, if you’d want to meet for coffee or something, I’m going to be super anxious to meet people after I move from Chicago. Feel free to email me!

  3. Uhhh.. and apparently wordpress has a picture of me wearing a tshirt with unicorns fornicating. So much for first impressions…. Eesh.

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