Bullets…. For Blog Fodder

  • Husbandis spearheading a project at church to build a new playground and he’s delighted about it.  We’ve measured the lot and scoped out play sets.  He will also be putting together a ‘men’s fraternity’ to do the construction.  He hopes to be able to drink beer with them. 
  • I ordered a bunch of teas from Celestial Seasonings:  Chocolate Raspberry Bliss, Gingerbread Spice, and Almond Sunset.  All are delicious.  I use them to keep my sweet tooth at bay. 
  • My birthday was yesterday and it was wonderful.  My favorite part of the day was blowing out candles on my cake because Carolyn sang every word and I couldn’t believe I had (have) such a special, big girl who can sing all the words to songs now.  She also helped to make the cake and frost the cake. 
  • Husband and I tried a new restaurant last night over in the town where C has preschool–It was Italian and expensive but SO VERY, VERY good.  We had risotto with Gorgonzola cheese sauce and spinach, a delicious salad with greens and craisins and candied walnuts, and the most amazing chocolate souffle.  It tasted like I was eating chocolate cake batter slightly warmed.  Oh. my. goodness.
  • Then Husband and I wandered up and down the streets lit by twinkle lights and did some window shopping downtown.  It felt like a real date.  It felt like something married couples who are still very much in love are supposed to do.  I was so thankful.
  • I’m very, very, very excited about the Gary Thomas retreat we’re going to in a few weeks.  Gary Thomas wrote Sacred Marriage which was a very eye-opening book for me when Husband and I got married.  I’ve read a few other books he’s written since then.  I’m just so excited to get to hear him speak in person and to get away for extended time with my husband.  It even looks like we’ve got childcare figured out  We won’t be staying overnight, but traveling to the retreat all three days. 
  • Both girls have decided that clothes should be optional.  They spent five minutes after bath time tonight doing a ‘no clothes’ parade around the house. 
  • The people at church all become flabbergasted when they find out I’m 28.  Apparently I seem older.  I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or if I should be offended.

7 thoughts on “Bullets…. For Blog Fodder

  1. Happy belated one, Val. Sounds like a good time was had. Wow about Carolyn singing and baking; seems like only yesterday the baby countdown was happening on the Manning site, eh?

    About the age thing, though I’ve not met you, I’m sure that’s a compliment. Even just in writing, you come across as wise beyond your years…. beyond my years too, actually. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like your date night was a hit! And the food sounds so delicious! Take the age comment as a compliment….you probably just seem older because you’re more mature. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! Date night sounds awesome, I hope you get to do it again soon. I’d like to do a marriage retreat with LT this summer, as a “marriage kickoff”. And I think I’ll check out the book you mentioned.

  4. Have you read ‘Sacred Parenting’ yet? Husband and I both enjoyed it. We used that book at a church parenting group. We also read Sacred Marriage.’
    I am jealous about your date night. Husband has been working such long hour lately, so he rarely sees the kids during the week. The result has been no more date nights, and I believe they are important! BTW, Happy Birthday!!!

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