A Reminder to Me and a Repost Just Because

My Holiday Diatribe


One thought on “A Reminder to Me and a Repost Just Because

  1. Hello,

    I just found your blog. I stole away from my husband and two kids to a coffee shop just so I could cry for a little over my mom, who died in 2005 (I think the same year yours died?) She died two months before the birth of my first child. And while societally I feel expected to be fully recuperated, I still spend a surprising amount of time wallowing in my grief – at least, when I have a few free moments for wallowing. So it is a great relief to find your blog, and read about your thoughts on the experience, which so closely track mine. Your post about election night, in particular, struck a chord – it sounds as though our mothers shared a similar sensibility and spirit. I read one of the Hope Edelman books, given to me by a well-meaning friend, and came to the conclusion you reached just flipping through – does not apply. It is good to find something that does.

    Best to you in this beautiful but difficult season.

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