Minor Gripes and Grrs

We have been scrupulously avoiding using our electric heaters this winter to save money.  I mean, to the point that the mean temperature in our bedroom at night is probably 42 degrees (we sleep under two comforters and a quilt–it works for us!).  We leave the heater in the girls’ room on at night, but that’s the only one we’ve run all year.

We’ve relied on our woodstove to heat the house during the day.  And really that’s a great way to heat our home.  It makes everything feel so warm and toasty, even if it is a little more work. 

We having record low temps this week on the island.  It hasn’t been this cold here in ten years.

And so, of course, when Husband went to start the fire this a.m, he discovered a problem with the wood stove (I will parenthetically add that he discovered said problem a week or two after *I* said, “Honey, I think something is wrong,” and he blew me off.  Oh well at least we got another week’s worth of heat out of it, right?). 

So we’re back to the money-sucking electrical heat.  And we get to call the Chimney Guy.  Which isn’t all bad.  The Chimney Guy is kind of a fun person.

Our (desktop) computer shot craps too.  Don’t know if it was a virus, or a power surge but the hard drive is fried most likely in a non-recoverable way.  Stupid us didn’t back up a lot of the precious photos that we had on that computer.  Of course, I was in the middle of several projects on it, most notably a collection of my Grandmother’s recipes to give to our family, and the scanning of her priceless heirloom family photos. 

And, while I feel infinitely better than I did last week when I had a sinus infection, and an infected/inflamed ear canal, I still can’t hear out of my right ear and it’s starting to hurt again.

Sometimes it feels like everything we touch falls apart.

I’m starting to feel a little Grrrbah about it.

So let’s see…  Where’s the grateful here:

1)  I’m grateful that we have electric heat to fall back on. 

2)  I’m grateful we have a home to heat at all.

3)  I’m grateful that we have Husband’s laptop so I can sit here and write and gripe and still do at least some of the computer tasks I need to.

4)  No one who owns TWO computers, even if one is small and slow, should really be able to complain, right?  And besides, it’s all just stuff. 

5)  The Chimney Guy really is pretty fun.  Carolyn gets a kick out of him.

6)  I might get to go see my sweetheart of a doctor whom I love and adore, and that always cheers me up.  Even when I’m sick as a dog.

And besides:

7) Our family is together.  For Christmas.  My heart isn’t stretched across the ocean and I’m not having to put on a brave face and a good show for my babies while we miss Daddy this year.  I love that.

8) We have snow.  And it’s sticking around.  And we’re supposed to get more.  That never happens here.

9)  My first Canning adventure was a successful undertaking and the house has smelled SO GOOD for the last few days.

10)  The home-made Christmas presents are almost all done, and they’ve been really fun to put together.

11)  Our housing allowance is going up, and if we can ever get ahead of these little crises and setbacks, it’s going to help a lot.

12)  Despite the money hemorrhages all of the above has caused, I still get to go Christmas shopping for my babies tonight.

So I’ll get over my Grrrbah and go on with my day.


3 thoughts on “Minor Gripes and Grrs

  1. Wow I need to take a lesson from you and appreciate the good things in my life. I’m sorry that all that is happening at once, though. Stay warm, and enjoy the snow! I can never get in the Christmas spirit after having moved from the PNW…it’s just to dang sunny here! 😛

  2. I used to love heating the house with the woodstove, and cooking ontop of it. and making Xmas presents is so much more fun. I just jarred the fresh mincemeat that I made for soem friends. No jam this year – don’t have a large enough kitchen. And I’m going to enjoy this holiday, be\cause DH is home, before he leaves in a few weeks.


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