Honest? Why Thank You! (Oh Please No…)

So…  I hardly ever do awards or memes around here.  I don’t have any real good reason why I don’t except that usually I put the thought of them off long enough that by the time I get around to them it’s months later and those who passed it on have probably long ago decided I was rude by not doing it .

But Hope has always been a hero of mine, and she is one of the most honest ladies I know–and get this–she’s even brave enough to be honest to herself, at least…  more often than most of us are.  She passed this award/meme on to me, and because she is Hope and she is delightful and she inspires me to be honest, I’ll do this one.

The rules:
List 10 honest things about yourself.
Pass around some linky love, seven to be honest.

1.)  I thought about this little project all night last night with quite a bit of apprehension.  See, I want to come off all quirky and fun, but I’m afraid I’ll just come off weird and whiney.  Yes, I  have pride issues. 

2)  I love tea.  And I love the fact that the fact that I love tea makes me feel all cool and sophisticated (especially since I HATE coffee), but the truth of my tea-love is that I love the really soft-core flavors.  We’re talking peppermint, and gingersnap, and honey vanilla chamomile.  My husband likes dark and pensive flavors like English Breakfast and Earl Gray.  I wish I could be that cool.  But those kinds of teas make me gag.  And DON’T get me started on iced tea with sugar in it!!!  UGH!

3)  I am, and always have been, a picky eater.  Most everyone knows this.  When I eat my vegetables, I STILL most often take a bite, then take a drink of water, and swallow them whole so I don’t have to taste them.  This goes double for peas. 

4)  I get REALLY resentful of my husband when he gets sick.  Isn’t that like the ultimate of non-compassion?  But see he ALWAYS gets sick right after *I* get sick, and usually the girls are either sick…  or you know, not sick, which means they have energy to be real pills when I feel like scum.  And while all this is going on, I end up nursing not just my urchin children, but also my husband who ALWAYS manages to get anything that we get WORSE.  So he gets to spend his sick days in bed, while I get to spend them wiping the noses of and medicating everyone else.  *sigh*  (Yes…  He’s sick and in bed right now).

5.)  Baboo 2 needs a diaper change right now.  She smells.  I am going to finish this blog, before I change it. *Ok, so in the interest of full disclosure, I actually did get up and change it, but only because her and her older sister were holding diapers and looking mischievous in their playroom, and I REALLY didn’t want to scrape poop off of the carpet.*

6.)  The only reason I clean lately is so that Husband (who needs a clean house to feel at peace with the world) doesn’t get grumpy.  The thought of him getting grumpy because of my lack of cleaning performance overwhelms me so much some days that I don’t feel like cleaning.  It’s kind of a Catch-22, don’t you think?  The house has been kind of a mess lately. 

7.  In the last month I have baked *something* probably every day but five or six.  Despite my intentions at generosity I have eaten a good majority of the fruits of my labor.  In fact, when I woke up last night and remembered the 6 or 7 (or 8 or 9) cookies I’d snitched yesterday, I put the batch that I made the day before yesterday on a high shelf in the garage so I’d have some chance at resisting their pull. 

8.)  I get seriously upset and worked up any time someone yells, or their tone even gets harsh.  Despite that fact I still yell at my kids far too often.

9.)  I feel like hammered dog poo today.  I use that phrase in honor of my Mom who announced to her oncologist that she ‘felt like hammered dog shit’ when he cheerily asked her how she was doing one day.  But I’m not as  brave as Mom to go for the gold and say shit.  So I take the weenie way out and say ‘poo.’

10.)  I have to go clean.  Husband just got up 

7 people to tag: 

The Queen of Snark Herself, K.L., Jodie, Loqi, Michelle, Ann M, Lwayswright


5 thoughts on “Honest? Why Thank You! (Oh Please No…)

  1. I wish I was your neighbour so I could come do dishes for you or take your munchkins for a few hours, oh, and have a cup of tea. I love tea. I hate coffee.

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