Political Spasms

I’m REALLY bugged about Prop. 8 passing in California. 

I’m REALLY bugged about physician assisted suicide passing here in Washington, especially when considering some of the repercussions it’s had in Oregon.

I’m REALLY bugged that no one is talking about the latter, though we hear commentary ad nauseum on the former. 

I thought I was going to make it through this political season with a little bit of hope, a little bit of energy, but without emotionally spasming or becoming  impassioned to the point of stress and emotional duress.  I don’t fit easily into political molds, and there aren’t so many people to discuss my ideas with when I need a sounding board and not a debate.

I don’t do a lot of politicking over here, because I know I am easily in over my head, but I  just have to tell you:

I’m  bugged.  Bugged, bugged, bugged.


9 thoughts on “Political Spasms

  1. Heard about both and bugged about Prop 8 as well. I don’t know what to think about I-1000 though. I was kind of surprised it passed. Don’t know the specifics, though, or how it’s going in Oregon.

  2. I’m not as familiar with the second one. The first I have heard a lot of buzz about but only right before the election. I’m bugged about it as well and surprised CA got something like that passed through.

  3. I was very surprised about the first one. Bugged too.
    And you’re right we don’t hear much about I-1000. That is such a difficult and controversial topic. I did read that this one has more restrictions but still.

  4. Actually, as I understand it, it has more lenient restrictions. It’s pretty well modeled after Oregon.

    I just don’t think it should have ever been on the table. Less for the obvious reasons, and more for the unintended consequences and complexities that come about as a result of a measure like this.

  5. In my lame tunnel vision life, I have heard nary a word about the suicide one. Of course, I also haven’t heard anything about Oregon. I know you don’t want to politic here, but can you point out some good articles or other sources of information for those of us whose narrow vision can’t seem to move past the church that has infused the state in Cali.

  6. I saw a post you left on Damomma.com about raising spirited children, and I wanted to suggest a book that I have found very helpful. I even had the opp to meet the author this past Oct in person and tell her how much help her book has been. It’s Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. Hope this helps!

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