“Your very being at this moment is the fruit of God’s delight.  And your life’s highest purpose and deepest joy is to experience and agree with that delight.”

–Gray Temple, The Molten Soul

My friend Tim sent me this book a while ago.  I’ve wanted to read it for a while, but it uses really big words and when I’m in Mommy burn-out mode, I need brain candy.  He reminded me of the book in a recent comment, though, and so I got it out and I’m absolutely soaking it up.  This quote  is something that I desperately want to learn to believe, but something that I very rarely, if ever, live.  This quote knocked me flat (so yes, Tim…  This book is GOOD medicine right now, thank you SO VERY MUCH).

So what do you think it looks like to experience and agree with God’s delight?


3 thoughts on “Delight

  1. Whoa. Whoa! I keep rereading this quote. “The fruit of God’s delight.” Me? MY very being? To experience and agree with that delight is the very thing I’m made for?

    I’m exposed. I can see it… I don’t live like this either, not really. I forget — oh God, how I forget — that this is what life is about, the whole purpose and point of it. So many other things scrape and scurry for my attention and my affection; before I know it, I’ve given my heart away to so many small distractions that I no longer have a whole heart with which to recognize this astounding reality, or with which to seek God (Jeremiah 29:13).

    So what does it look like to experience and agree with God’s delight? I think I have hints of it. I think it has to do with all desires burned through until He becomes your one delight. I think it is at one moment full of peace and ease and at the same time hot, intense as the sun. I think it is a life filled with the angst of a lover and the breathless anticipation of the same. I think it must be both endless longing, longing so deep that it tears your soul apart, and fulfillment, encounter after satisfying encounter with Life Himself, Love.

    I think it has to do with freedom, a kind of freedom that is weighty and that requires everything of you, a freedom that says that all is yours to have, but all of yours is asked for in return, a freedom that demands choice and action and desperation and thirst. I think it must receptive, open to the Spirit of God like a bride to her groom on their long-awaited night, but active, decisive, entering into the Life of God with the same spirit of anticipation with which He fills us. Meeting barefoot, and barely breathing.

    It must be about, if it be about anything at all, rest, a full-hearted rest, and a return to the purity and simplicity of joy. About giving up striving and straining and reaching and grasping. About trust. And about belief that it is really true, that my very being at this moment is the fruit of God’s delight, like a child is the fruit of the delight between mother and father that conceived him. And that this delight of God’s means not only my rescue, but my redemption; not only forgiveness, but also transformation, so that I will have the capacity to share in this glorious freedom of the sons of God. And a hope that I am about to be revealed as such.

  2. Wow — that’s quite a thought…

    I think I can begin to understand though, when I look into the eyes of my children. That is how I feel about them. Thank you Val, for reminding me that God feels the same way about us.

    (Absolutely stunning photo! 😉 )

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