I am craving comfort…

Warm fire place, over-sized sweater, snuggly blanket.

Macaroni and cheese, gingersnaps, chocolate, grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Hot cocoa, Hot apple cider. 

I’m doing all of my not-so-good for me comfort-seeking behaviours.  Eat something, check email, find something warm to drink, watch a comfort movie, eat something, eat something else, lather, rinse, repeat.

So what I keep asking myself is….  What is going on? 

I feel this deep and almost palpable tenderness at my center, and I keep throwing all of these things at it to no avail. 

Of course.  Because all of these things are just attempts to cover it.  I know that.

So I’m trying to see what the spirit wills and hoping for counsel and comfort.


6 thoughts on “Craving

  1. I bet there was a time when you indulged in all these behaviours and had no idea you were doing it. So the awareness you have is a good thing. Be gentle with yourself my dear friend.

  2. I am totally doing this too and I can’t find anything that makes me feel better either. Glad I am not the only one, even if I have no idea or advice as to why we’re doing this.

  3. Hot apple cider? Drink all you want, it’s sort of self-regulating. (smile)

    Seriously, read in the book I sent, starting on page 145 with the word “No”. Read as far as the end of that section (just a couple pages). Hope it helps. with the counsel and comfort part.

  4. I was going to post on the Forward Movement post but can’t seem to get to the comment section. Val, you continue to inspire. Just in reading the progression of your last 3 posts, it seems like they flow into each other so well; the time of craving, the time of delight and the time of movement. Each one so necessary. Nurturing and rest in preparation the next leg of the journey.

    Also wanted to share that what you have shared about your mom continues to inspire me as well. I hear her words which give me, believe it or not, courage as a mom.

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