With all the upheaval of the summer, not to mention the constant changes with the detachments and separations up to this point, it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve had any sort of routine.  My lack of routine has been a fabulous excuse to slip off of the Weight Watchers bandwagon and to find 15 pounds have slipped onto ME instead, to lose myself in the clutter of my house, to forget how and when to cook dinners for my family, and a whole string of other dubious hallmarks of a world in disarray.

I rebel against routine, but I don’t do well when there isn’t any semblance of one.  The state of flux time in between routines always leaves me edgy and grumpy and out of sorts.

Next week the routine will start when husband begins work at his new command, and this time, I hope we’ll really be able to get into a groove.  I hope this is the beginning of some stability for all of us. 

And hopefully, it’ll bring time and space and opportunity for some blog-fodder more interesting than my wish for routine.


2 thoughts on “Routine

  1. “I rebel against routine, but I don’t do well when there isn’t any semblance of one.”

    I totally relate; I’m the same way. Too much routine drives me ’round the bend but… I do need some kind of anchor, as it turns out. This summer, I read something interesting about creativity. It seems that creative people tend to like a little chaos (some more than others, admitedly) because out of making order of the chaos is where ideas spring. Interesting, no?

    From your last post, sounds like you guys are a great summer.

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