Sometimes They Do Take Care of You

I complain about Husband’s squadron a lot (and I think I have some reason to), but in the five years we’ve been with them, they’ve been good to us in moments of crisis:  Good in ways that I don’t know how to say thank you for.  Good in ways that I know I can’t take for granted.

When my Gramma W died, Husband was on a stay-back crew for a detachment.  That means that part of his squadron was gone, but he and a few others stayed put to hold down the fort.  We made a Red Cross call that time, and his chief allowed him special liberty so that we could make a whirlwind trip to Idaho and I could feel that I was somewhat a part of things since the services were in IL, and I was 39 weeks pregnant and not comfortable flying back (I’d do it in a heartbeat, now by the way;)). 

Husband was supposed to leave for another detachment days after Little Miss was born.  We thought at that point that we would be spending a year or more apart with me spending the majority of my time after that detachment back in IL spending time with my Mom and helping to care for her.  We worked every channel we could for him to have some time with Little Miss.  Another chief found a way for him to stay back and attend a school so that he could be excused from that detachment, and we were given 8 sweet weeks together as a new family.

A few days after Mom signed onto Hospice, when it became clear that time was very short, I made another Red Cross call (I’ve made LOTS of Red Cross calls), and Husband was flown back a few days early from the detachment he was on, and was able to make it back in time to say Goodbye to my Mom.  She died a few hours after his arrival, I believe because she knew that he was there to take care of me.

And now, since maintenence will be winding down and probably partly because this is Husband’s very last detachment with this squadron, they are going to fly him off the boat again so that he can come and be with me for Gramma’s funeral.

I know this is far and above what most people experience.  Believe me I do.  And lest the green-eyed monster afflicts anyone, I can assure you I’ve waded through my share of heartache and crisis without him… 

But in the midst of this hard time, and a few others, this squadron that has often infuriated me beyond belief…  That works their crew like dogs, keeps a breakneck pace at all times, and frequently makes calls that lead many to scream Whisky Tango Foxtrot…  In the midst of some times when I really needed something or someone to come through for us, they’ve gotten my husband by my side.  I’m so thankful for that.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes They Do Take Care of You

  1. It is really nice that the squadron has been able to come through in times like that. I’m not jealous at all–I am thankful and relieved that your husband was, and is, given the chance to be with you when you need him (at least sometimes). I wish the military could always operate like this.

  2. Val, if anyone gets a case of the green-eyed monsters because your husband gets to come and be with you during some of the tough times – well they really need to take a long, hard look at themselves. It isn’t like he is coming home to party.

    And you know that you can always have them come talk to me. This old, Army wife will tell them exactly what she thinks of them and their attitude.

  3. I’m so very glad that they were able to send him home to be with you during all that you were going through, Val. I can’t wait to hear that he’s home for good!

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