Whirlwind Update

Gram is very weak, but hanging in there, Dad doesn’t have cancer, and a rip-roaring classic batch of Illinois thunderstorms have kept me in IL til the end of the week. Also, I don’t have an ear infection, but my ear sure does hurt, I got to tack on another ER visit to find that out, I really love the movie 28 Days, ‘John Knox’ and tornadoes makes me laugh, Yellow Roses and Milkshakes Day went off smashingly, and there are a few people in my life that are always such surprising blessings that I’m blown away upon each meeting of them.

Oh and how can I forget that Little Miss’s first movie theater experience was a bust, but she is beginning to swim like a little guppy?

I miss my husband, and I can’t wait until this LAST one is done.

My kids are adorable, amazing, and exasperating as always. And yes, I am dreading the incredibly long day of travel that I have ahead of me to get home. At least this maybe will be one of the last days of solo-travel in my near future. I hope so at least.

And, yes, I’ve been to Steak-n-Shake.

That pretty much sums up the last week and a half.

Any questions?


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