Ready for some bits of randomness?

  • The laundry I have to do today, if stacked up, would be taller than me.  But it must be done so we can go to IL tomorrow.
  • Baboo is getting quite a vocabulary, and I’m really surprised her language is coming on so quickly.  She says, “What’s this?”  “This”  “That” “Nooooo” “Sissy”  “Kitty”  “Kitty Cat” “Mama”  “Dada,” and several variations of “Mine,” among other things that I’m not remembering.  Of course, I guess really she needs all those words to keep her big sister from dominating and domineering over all aspects of her life.
  • The crazies, as usual, are multiplying.  But you don’t want me to go there.
  • The Nurse Manager from Urgent Care called me today to let me know that my ICE survey was being passed along to Dr. Personality, and that she appreciated my feedback.  This means that either 1)  If I ever have to see him again he will treat me like the queen of England or 2)  My next round of antibiotic will be spiked with arsenic.  Stay tuned, my friends, for future installments of “The Adventures of Urgent Care.”  Incidentally, she mentioned that other staff members found him to be rather ‘short’ as well.  I guess it wasn’t just me.
  • Little Miss dressed up in one of her froofiest dresses today, and put the top black-peak cushion thing, that came off her car seat and somehow or another made it inside, onto her head today and danced to the teeny-bopper version of “Kiss the Girl” four times through.  So. Incredibly. Cute.
  • My fankle is much better, and the rainbow colors upon it have been fabulous.
  • One of my two wonderful and amazing sisters-in-law sent me a box full of books today:  Several of which she gave to our Mom’s group for a book study (how cool is that?!), and a few just for us.  Not to mention, she tucked in a couple of very sweet magazine articles bookmarked for us.  I am praying for an opportunity to spoil back her at some juncture in the future.
  • In a couple of hours we’re going to go look at a little house that has become available for rental.  It has a lovely yard and almost feels like the country, but it would be much closer to all of the ‘in-town’ things that we are currently spending lots of gas-money on to get to.  I’m praying for wisdom about whether we should stay put or jump at the chance of a new home.  Maybe that will satisfy my gypsy-itcch.  ***update***  Apparently TODAY they’ve had three different applications.  So we’ll keep the appointment, and decide whether or not we want to apply…  and figure that the chips probably aren’t going to fall with this house in our hands.  Oh well…  *sigh*
  • Husband took me on a very romantic date at the beach on base this weekend where we had a picnic.  The funniest part was that when we came back to our van, an MA was waiting for us.  I have no idea how long he was there, but he apparently waited there for a bit so that he could inform us that the road to the beach was closed on weekends and we weren’t technically supposed to be there.  What’s even funnier is that while we were picnicking and Mr. MA was waiting for us to get back to the goobermobile, we watched six different people walk onto base simply by walking along the beach.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing my Grammy, and I’m looking forward to seeing Dad and his lovely wife and hugging everybody and making sure everyone is really ok.  But I am also looking forward to swimming in their swimming pool….  Oh I cannot wait to swim.  My two little fishes will be sure to enjoy it also.
  • Husband’s last Detachment starts this week.  It really is ‘ONLY two weeks’ this time…  And then we’re done with Dets.  And the adventures of Shore Duty will begin.  My anxiousness is giving way to excitement.  How cool will it be to just have him home?!
  • I made a batch of REALLY wonderful White Chocolate Blondies this weekend.  I mean, I think they tasted better than Applebee’s blondies, and that’s saying something since I believe Applebee’s blondies to be something akin to a religious experience.  THAT recipe is definitely a keeper.
  • I should probably get back to laundry and packing now.

3 thoughts on “Everydaysies

  1. “hodgepodge” blog posts are my favorite – thanks for keeping us updated.
    – good luck with laundry
    – have a great trip, and have fun swimming — should be good rehab for the rainbow fankle (love that you call it that :-p)
    – i’m glad you kept the house appointment, better to have hope than never try 🙂

  2. Just say “no” to the crazies, Val 😀 Oh, if only it were that easy, I should have a lot less trouble around here…

    Glad you filled out a complaint on that ‘lovely’ doctor. Hope he straightens out (his kind typically don’t, but one can always hope!)

    And yay for shore duty! So glad you got a romantic picnic in too — sounds just lovely! I’ll be thrilled to hear when the last two week detachment is over and done with 😉

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