Normal Crazy and Sickies

It’s normal crazy around here, I guess, but crazy nonetheless.

I don’t have anything thoughtful or heartfelt to offer.

All I know is that my baby girl has had a fever ranging from 102-105 for a week now, and I’m really starting to be worried.  Three doctors visits have resulted in the oh-so-typical, “It’s viral and will pass on it’s own,” remarks.  But after a week with fevers like this the Mama Bear–What is Wrong with my Baby feelings start to come out in me pretty strongly.

We were foolhardy and continued on with our 4th of July travels thinking that the sickies would dissipate.  We were wrong.

So I rescheduled the flight that was supposed to be today, not wanting to repeat the mistake.  We’ll be going back to see Grammy next week instead.  Which is good on a lot of levels:  Recovery time from the last trip, recovery time for baby (and Mommy and big sister who are sick in a milder way), recovery time for my still hurting fankle, more time with Husband before his very last detachment, and maybe even a trip to pick strawberries (but only if the sickies go away).  Gram seems to be holding steady, if she is more than somewhat cantankerous.  And in that vein, perhaps postponing our trip will give her some more time to settle into being in the nursing home, and I won’t have to worry so much about overtaxing her or having her throw things at me or my children (Gram is generally very mild-mannered…  she’s just struggling at the moment).  Postponing the trip for a week just may be the right thing on so many levels.

In the meantime, I just want my baby to feel better.  With no more fevers and no more sickies.


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