Frequent Flyers Club

Well, for the second time this week we’ll be heading back to the urgent care clinic on base.  This time it is for what I suspect is an ear infection for Baboo.  Monday it was for my severely sprained ankle (or foot…  can you sprain a foot?  Maybe I should call it a fankle because it is kind of between my foot and ankle–ok for my severely sprained fankle). 

So I’m really kind of thinking that they should start offering a frequent fliers club at the urgent care clinic.  Husband and I think it could be something like 10 visits and no wait for the 11th.  They could give out T-shirts and hats and stuff too.  They could say things like, “What better way to spend four hours than waiting to be seen at the UCC?” or “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here,” or “Tricare:  Inspiring Angst in Military Families since 1993.”

I think so. 

So now the big question is…  Will we be able to keep our plans to go visit our family in Idaho this weekend (I hope so), and how will we fare on our flight to IL to see Grammy next week?  Stay tuned, sports fans (yes that was an homage to B’s Dad).


6 thoughts on “Frequent Flyers Club

  1. I’m so sorry, oh how I know your pain. But I do wish you could wait for hours in a doctor’s office like I do, where at least they have toys to play with and kids’ movies to watch as you pass the hours.

  2. Oh, no! No fun, Val! I’m trying not to chuckle because this sounds so much like our family. I’m totally with you on the frequent flier miles — and I love your last T-shirt idea! 😉

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