3 Things on My Mind

1.  Husband’s air wing lost a pilot last weekend in a mid-air collision.  Husband attended his first memorial for a fallen comrade this week.  Two planes collided mid-air during a routine training mission over the desert of Nevada where this current detachment is.  The two pilots in the other plane ejected and sustained minor injuries.  There wasn’t time for this gentleman to do so before impact.  He was the father of a two year old, and he lost his life two days before Father’s Day.

I think the thing that gets me most is that it was on a training mission.  Despite the relative ‘safety’ of being in the Navy compared to being army infantry…  Despite the odds that are truly in our favor….  every time that Husband leaves the shadow of, “What if I get that knock on the door” comes over me.  Maybe it’s just because he’s so far out of my sight.   Most of the time I brush it off and tell myself how ridiculous I’m being.  But anything can happen.  Anytime.  Husband could be hit by a beer truck walking off a base, he could get bitten by a rattlesnake on a hike during his off time, or the dangerous nature of Husband’s job–being on the flightline around planes landing and taking off, climbing up on top of slippery birds–could catch up with him at any moment–and I could live that scenario.  A wife on the other side of the country (the rest of the Airwing is based in Virginia), lived that reality this weekend because of a training mission right here over US soil.  And that haunts me. 

2.  My 92 year old Grandma fell this week.  She laid in her tub for 36 hours before her Home Health Aide showed up to take care of some normal tasks, found her there, and called an ambulance (that is the part that hurts my heart the most).  She didn’t break any bones, and despite the ordeal her health seems to remain relatively stable.  But she will be in the hospital for a few more days, and will be moving into a nursing home after that.  We’ve been so lucky to have had her with us for so long, and for her to have been able to live alone for so long.  It will be a very hard transition for her to go into a nursing home, however. 

3.  The daughter of some dear friends of ours will be having heart surgery next Monday.  We met M&K when Husband and M were in A School in Pensacola.  K and I randomly met while doing laundry in the laundry facility of our apartment complex.  We both kept bugging our husbands about whether or not they knew one another, and eventually they met and became friends.  We got orders to come to the Northwest at the same time, and they graciously suffered through some pretty awful homemade cake and ice cream during our first months here, and became some very good friends to us before they left the Navy last summer.

While Little Miss and I were living in IL after Mom’s illness, K had a little baby girl.  She is a gorgeous, bright, active, and sweet little thing, and while they lived here she and Little Miss were great playmates.  Before she was born, she was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.    Before she was six months old, Little S underwent 2 open-heart surgeries.  She’ll have another heart surgery on Monday, which, if I understand correctly is outside of the normal surgery schedule for HLHS, but will hopefully improve S’s heart function.  We worry with them, and we pray for them.


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