Dirt Cookies


This image has haunted me all day—even more so after reading this article

We stress over money month to month.  We gripe about gas prices and the rising cost of groceries.  But I can’t imagine having to resort to eating dirt. 

Pray for Haiti. 

Haitian Christian Ministries


2 thoughts on “Dirt Cookies

  1. I didn’t even think that was possible–eating dirt. This is really heart-wrenching, and yet another reason I stress out so much about gas prices. I wish we weren’t so dependent on it…it’s driving up the cost of everything! Corn is also in high demand because of biofuel production, so that’s not as affordable to people who rely on it for their diets. I noticed that there has been a shortage of rice at the commissary and they are only allowing one bag per family as a result.

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