Well Fudge, Freaking, Buckets!!!!–Updated


Ack!  Ack!  Ack!!!!


I guess since we’re winding down away times, the Husband is Away Gremlins are going to come out in full force.

Babies are fussy.  Really fussy.  Little Miss has been congested all week.  Today it comes to a head.  Baboo has been congested off and on, and woke up screaming last night, which she never, ever does.  I suspect ear infection.

So today didn’t go real well…  Couldn’t make anything happen the way it should happen.  I watch both girls closely and determine that I should probably take them to the Urgent Care Clinic, especially since I suspect Baboo has an ear infection. 

So we go.  Both girls are in rare wiggly form.  The wait isn’t too long, but the place is still miserable and slow and awful as always.  We deal with our least favorite nurse and our least favorite doctor.  Little Miss refuses to let the doctor see her throat which means she has to be held down and her mouth pried open to get the job done (seriously nurse and doc have a sucky bedside manner).  Both girls are checked out.  Baboo apparently does NOT have an ear infection, but we get antibiotics anyway–mostly, I think, because the doctor figures I’ll throw a fit if I don’t get something to go home with.  So I leave feeling the all too familiar, “Jumped the gun on the Urgent Care thing, and now I’m one of ‘those’ Mom’s.”

The girls are on my last nerve, despite my desperate want to be compassionate with them.  Still the crying and the screaming from Baboo and the brick wall, I won’t listen to you Mommy thing from Little Miss just aren’t fun.  And loud.  So loud.  They choose all the noisiest toys to play with.  Little Miss uses her highest decibel voice.  Great loud scotts.

Bedtime with Little Miss was reminiscent of the olden days where she refused to get into bed for hours at a time.  I consistently admonished her for 2 hours, tucking and retucking her under her covers (which sounds like I was being a pushover about it, I wasn’t….  But kitty didn’t like the wiggles either, and bit her, we had coughing issues, we had the covers fly all the way off one way or another.  Tonight, it was just necessary).  Hearing her out of bed, with the sound of her little feet coming my way over and over again before she finally settled down and got into bed.  At this point it’s after 11, and I’m seriously frazzled amd ready for bed myself.  I jump into bed, thankful to finally settle in and sleep.

And then I hear the footsteps.  Little Miss wants to sleep with ME.  Ok.  Fine.  We can do this, and I know she will sleep this way.  Since the coughing issue has made itself apparent with her half-hearted attempt to sleep in her own bed, I smeared her up good with Vicks VaporRub, snuggled her in and tried to go to sleep. 

Except she wants to snuggle with my hair.  And, despite my desparate desire to be patient and compassionate, Mommy is really just needing a break at this point.  I try to stay patient.  I kindly ask once or twice for Little Miss to just snuggle in on her own side.

And then, suddenly, the puking happens.  The chunky, disgusting, puking.  All over her, and me, and my bed, and my pillows.  Poor little bug.  She’s miserable.  I’m miserable.  We’re miserable.  And now we have puke to clean up.

And so I clean her up, get her a new night gown, get her a puke bowl, and settle her into her own bed once again.  I try a couple more subdue the coughs tricks. 

I go in, and I change my sheets and pillow cases, and at midnight find myself too keyed up to sleep.

Also, I have chills, a sore throat, congestion, and overall feel pretty darned yuck myself.

Fudge, Freaking, Buckets, my friends.  Fudge, Freaking, Buckets.

Now that I’ve gotten that all off my chest, I’m going to try the going to bed thing one more time.  I’m going to pray that both girls feel better in the morning.  I’m going to pray that tomorrow the compassionate mother will show up more than the stressed, frustrated, exhausted one.  I’m going to pray that the gremlins will lay low. 

I’m going to pray for the end of this detachment to come really, really, really quickly.

Edited to add:  At 6:30 this morning, both kids were very awake.  How does that happen?! 

Edited at 1:01 pm. to add:  Little Miss just got a head-bonk in the same general category as this:  Not as deep.  No stitches needed.  But a big goose-egg and split skin.  She ran into the door.  I’m thankful that we didn’t have to go to Urgent Care, because I’m srue they’d think I swing crowbars arround on a regular basis.

Also, Chester has puked twice.

And Little Miss tried to ‘wash sister’s hair’ while I was preparing lunch.  Dont’ worry–she just smeared some shampoo on the top of her head.  No water was invoved.


Are we done yet?


10 thoughts on “Well Fudge, Freaking, Buckets!!!!–Updated

  1. ((((Val)))) Hope it passes soon and that all of you get to sneak some naps in. Got any favorite kids videos to pop in? Whatever you do, listen to what Hope says about not watching any violent TV; you need all the immune system you can get!

  2. Val, what a horrible day! I thought it was bad before the whole pucking thing! UGH, puke is awful to clean. The whole smell thing is bad, sorry:)
    Hopefully you get some sleep too. I am struggling with the loud, not wanting to listen …etc. kids, and hubby not being there. I pray we both make it!

  3. Oh bummers! Your title and opening three lines just sum it all up, don’t they? I don’t know why it is that they choose the loud toys, why it is they want to snuggle with our heads while we’re trying to sleep, why it is they always puke in OUR bed, or why it all happens when we feel like crud. Sending you my condolences from a parallel universe! 😦

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