Mommy Honesty

When we began working to form a Mom’s group at our church this past Fall, I envisioned it as a place to let our hair down.  The message that ‘The Pressure is off’ is one that I feel is so important for Mom’s to hear today, and one that frankly my heart beats to tell women.  Maybe it’s out of a self-serving need to believe that myself, who knows…  But something in our society has made Mom’s, especially Mom’s in the church, so uber worried about every tiny bit of mothering.  It’s as if we think we  must be absolutely perfect and make all the right choices, from schools to diaper cream and spanking to cereal brands, for our kids to have any chance to grow up and not be sociopaths. 

Oops, I accidentally went off on a rant there.  Back on track.

Anyway, we’ve had a very casual group and lots of good conversation, but there was something special today at our ‘playdate’ at the park.  I can’t explain it really, except maybe it was the work of the Holy Spirit.  At one point I found myself sharing about my experience with depression to a Mom who is going through many of the same things I have these last few months.  I was able to say emphatically, “You are NOT a bad Mom, and it CAN be better than this.”  Another Mom mentioned some developmental concerns her son was having.  Another Mom confessed her frustration at a custody situation she is involved in. 

We talked about bedtimes gone wrong and behavioural strategies and diaper brands, but we were also able to get to deeper things of the heart.  For a few brief moments we quit trying to look like we had it all together and just relaxed in the knowledge that we were all IN IT together.

I just love that.


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