This post is in honor of one of my favorite snarky bloggy buddies.  In her last post, she bemoaned the frustration of hearing that your service member, especially your sailor, has pulled into a really cool port (think Hawaii, or Greece, or Spain….) and they call you drunk on life and/or other elixirs to tell you of the incredible things they are doing while on your end of the phone you clean up puke, or cat doo, or take your kid to urgent care for the 24th time.  Now she relates the jealousy that bubbles up much better than I could here, but suffice it to say that while we don’t begrudge our sailors/service members their fun, as you know…  they spend time in war zones and hang out on noisy dirty boats with floors so disgusting that Husband literally disinfects the floor, and the soles of his shoes near his rack each night before getting into bed…  But still, when we’re home 24/7 with rugrats, rarely getting a break for even a cup of coffee sans kids or deployment gremlins, it’s easy to wish for your own portcall. 

And so….  here it is.  Our very own Port Call.  Let’s get together ladies.  Tell me what you’re doing on our port call on your blog.  Where are you?  How are you pampering yourself?  What bloggy buddies have you drug along? 

And, as military spouses aren’t the only ones who need a port call now and again, anyone is invited to participate. 

If you want to, leave me a comment and/or link back to this post so we can all find out how your port call is going. 

Hey–a fantasy weekend of rest and recuperation is better than nothing, right? 






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